Metal crusher


Introduction of metal crusher:

Metal crusher is a key equipment for pre-crushing, crushing, removing impurities, dismantling and encrypting of scrap metal products. Metal crusher is an important shearing and cutting machine for scattered and clumped steel scraps, metal fibers, hollow materials and bulk materials. Metal crusher is the crushing and recycling of metal castings, scrap steel, iron edges, easy-pulling cans, motor shells, plastic steel doors and windows, and pressed metal blocks. Equipment, metal crusher is an effective crushing and regenerating machine for large pieces of waste plastic products, waste wood, waste template, wooden box and waste carton. Metal crusher is a crushing and separating machine for mixed metal materials such as waste aluminum, aluminum, iron, plastic, steel, copper and plastic. Its crushing time is short, its energy consumption is small, its pollution is small, and its crushing effect is variable. It is the current city. Mainstream metal crushers in Gongyi East China Machinery Factory contribute a lot to the cause of renewable resources such as waste metal, waste plastics, waste wood and so on. The metal crusher manufactured by Gongyi East China Machinery Factory adopts the cutter head and knife head of the high-speed rotating roll shaft with high-speed ratio compression to penetrate and tear the material into fragments under the continuous biting distance. The secondary shearing and cutting of the compact extrusion forming are formed to achieve the purpose of metal crushing and size reduction.

Metal crusher is suitable for:

1. Scrap metal, scrap metal, scrap metal, metal pipe network, metal products, metal blocks, metal fibers, scrap iron, scrap steel, steel plastic doors and windows, steel slag, iron slag, steel scrap, steel bar, mould iron, paint barrel, easy-pulling cans, color steel tiles, thin iron sheet, beverage cans, beer cans, corner materials, scraps, tinplate packaging, stainless steel furnace materials, brass tubes, copper joints, copper frames Aluminum packaging, aluminium casting, aluminium plate buckle, broken bridge aluminium, packing belt, scrap automobile, bicycle frame, motorcycle, battery car, automobile chassis, aluminium partition frame, protective cover, aluminium framework, engine, motor, motor case, anti-theft door, stainless steel, handle, hinge, conductive pipe, radiator, propeller, ventilation blade;

2. Waste plastics, plastic pipes, PE pipes, plastic bottles, waste baskets, plastic buckets, garbage cans, car chassis bars, sealant strips, aluminium plastic pipes, cabs, seats, dashboards, car windshields, car interior and exterior decoration, polyester, nylon, cloth strips, carpets, shoes, leather, oil kettles, ink cartridges, sockets, sockets, sockets and sockets;

3. Waste wood packaging, pallets, templates, waste cartons, cardboard crushers, kraft paper, cardboard, cartons, paper tubes, cartons;

4. Waste instruments, waste instruments, waste electronic scales, loudspeakers, antennas, keyboards, copier drums, knobs, panels, catheters, mobile phones, tablets, television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners,

Metal crusher can crush the above materials to small impurities, high density, uniform fineness, small size, uniform shape, obvious impurity removal effect, good separation state of metal crusher, metal crusher meets the requirement of iron and steel plant for metal concentrates to be put into the furnace, and plays a decisive role in shortening smelting time, reducing smelting pollution and energy consumption, improving the purity of metal waste, and reducing its impurities. As a result, the selling price of scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap aluminium and aluminium alloy has been raised directly and the transportation cost has been reduced. The metal crusher has solved the problems of scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap aluminium and aluminium alloy in large parts, hollow, scattered and agglomerated materials, complex pre-processing procedures and difficult crushing. It has improved the later separation, separation and impurity removal effect of scrap plastic and wood mixed metal materials. The metal crusher is widely used in steel factory affiliated enterprises, scrap steel processing and distribution enterprises, waste recycling enterprises, smelting enterprises, iron and steel enterprises, metal smelting enterprises, metal smelting enterprises, metal foundry enterprises, scrap metal recycling station, metal recycling resources enterprises, metal products plants, metal processing plants, aluminum alloy products plants, automobile manufacturers, mining plants, refractory plants. Power plants, metallurgical plants, chemical plants, energy plants, industrial plants and other industries and fields.

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