Scrap crusher

Scrap crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment which can crush and reuse scrap steel, scrap iron, steel slag, iron slag, scrap and other scrap metals. The frame of scrap crusher is narrow and wide with good stability. The internal structure of the equipment is one axis connected with multiple fixed cutters. The fixed cutter is S-shaped and can be turned over twice. The fixed cutter plays the functions of forced feeding and forced crushing in the scrap crusher. When encountering the recovered tank body such as inflammable and explosive, the gas can be discharged to prevent the personal safety caused by explosion. In the middle of the cutter head is a forging hammer head, which is made of steel bar of train wheel. It has good density, economy and durability. The hammer head is circular arc. In the process of crushing, the metal material rotates with the hammer head because of the fast running of the hammer head. After a short period of beating and rubbing, the particles flow out from the bottom screen of the scrap steel crusher and pass through the material flow at the same time. The dust collector sucks some paint or dopants out of the scrap steel crushing machine body, and the dust removal effect is achieved through the cloth bag.

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